About Us

Starlite Station is part of Central Texas History. Originally, the founder bought a piece of property outside the city limits of Killeen to put a fireworks stand. In the late seventies, in the age of bell bottoms and polyester shirts, Disco was born. It was decided the town needed a place to "boogy" and 440 Light Co was born. 440 Light Co was so popular that it was featured on national news and visited by many famous Hollywood stars including Bob Hope. In the early 80's 440 Light Co was completely overhauled as City Limits following punk rock, rock n roll and other trends of that period. City Limits eventually became City Lights. As the years went on, Urban Cowboy became a hit movie and Country Western became mainstream. Sam's Station Club was the new club born from this trend. Sam's became the place to go for authentic country western dancing and fun. As all good things come to an end the club changed again to keep up with the times and styles of music. Shortly after, the building had an unfortunate fire and had to be rebuilt. The only remaining parts of the old structure where some cinder block walls. It was time for Starlite Station to enter the scene. Starlite was built bigger and better than any venue in Central Texas and most of the country for that matter. It was amazing to see the loyalty and following that quickly built up. As time passed TABU came to the scene with dance music for all crowds. After many years of waiting Starlite Station is BACK with a vengeance.